Monday, July 31, 2006


Below is a playlist for our show on July 21st, featuring music of 1975:

1. (D and A Theme)Barry: 'Overture', The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant, Markson / RTE National Symphony Orchestra, RTE
2. Patti Smith: 'Gloria', Horses, Arista
3. Lutoslawski: 'Les Espaces du Sommeil', Shirley-Quirk / Salonen / LAPO, Sony
4. King Tubby and Augustus Pablo: 'Tubby's Dub Song', King Tubby's In Fine Style, Trojan
5. Takemitsu: 'Les Fils des Etoiles', Gallois / Sollscher / Pierre / Xuereb, DG
6. Tammy Wynette: 'Stand By Your Man', live recording
7. Penderecki: 'Passacaglia (Deposuit Potentes)', from Magnificat, Penderecki / Polish Radio Chorus and Symphony Orchestra of Krakow, EMI
8. Britten: 'A Death', from Sacred and Profane, Layton / Polyphony, Hyperion
9. Schnittke: 'Canon in Memoriam D. Shostakovich', Kremer, Melodiya
10. David Bowie: 'Win', Young Americans, RCA
11. Bay City Rollers: 'Give a Little Love', Various Collection
12. Rihm: 'Klavierstuck 7', Wambach, Kairos
13. Bob Dylan: 'Tangled up in Blue', Blood on the Tracks, Sony

Thanks for listening. As mentioned, this Friday August 4th we'll be playing new and recent chamber releases.

Friday, July 28, 2006

No Program Tonight

Tonight, Friday July 28th, there will be no Dead and Alive program broadcast. Instead, Resonance FM are broadcasting live from the Serpentine Gallery, with a 24 hour discussion / debate with leading Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas and other urban theorists. We'll be back next week with a look at new chamber music releases.
A playlist for last week's show should be up by this afternoon, depending on Soho's power cuts.

Monday, July 17, 2006

New Release Program

Here is the playlist for our program on new and recent releases, broadcast Friday, July 14th:

1. Coates: Sleepy Lagoon, Wordsworth / Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Warner Classics
2. Tchaikovsky: Adagio Molto for string quartet and harp, Shostakovich Quartet / Moskvitina, Regis
3. Gershwin: Rhapsody No. 2, Bank / Kakhidze / State Symphony Orchestra, Melodiya
4. Wolpe: Concerto for Nine Instruments, Herbers / Ensemble Recherche, Wergo
5. Byrd: Agnus Dei, Cantores Missae, CM
6. Jeck: Tilting, from the album Surf, Touch
7. Zolotajov: Contemplating the Dionysian Fresques of St. Theraponts monastery, Weulander, Map
8. Turnage: From the Wreckage, Hardenberger / Eotvos / Gothenberg SO, DG
9. Ravel: Tzigane (excerpt), Bismuth / Gaels, Zigzag
10. McAlmont and Butler: Speed, Rough Trade, 7" and download forthcoming

Thanks to all who tuned in. Next week, Friday July 21st, is my birthday, so at Tim's suggestion we'll be playing music composed, released, or somehow related to the year of my birth, 1975. Any assistance is most welcome. Please pardon the indulgence.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Basic Facts

Tim just mentioned that I should state who our mascots, pictured below on our first entry, are: Erik Satie and Gerald Barry. Also, our theme tune - played at the beginning of each show - is the introduction to Gerald Barry's 'The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant', available from us.


This Friday July 14th we'll be playing a selection of new and recent releases, including a Russian recording of Gershwin, Phillip Jeck, and some light classics.

Also, we must regretfully inform you that our repeat programs usually broadcast on Saturday mornings are no longer to be aired. Special apologies must be made to our listeners in different time zones, in particular my parents. I'll endeavor to keep you supplied with CDs of past shows. Incidentally, if anyone is after details from a past show please get in touch.

Lastly, you will notice a space for website links to the right, which we are planning to fill with interesting destinations. As soon as I can work out how that's done I shall do it!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Above: Schoenberg with Fritz Kreisler in the late 1800s
Below is a playlist for our show on atonality broadcast Friday July 7th 2006:

1. Beethoven: Symphony 5, last movement, Kleiber / Wiener Philharmonic, DG.
2. Webern: 6 Pieces for Large Orchestra, Boulez / LSO, Sony
3. Wagner: Tristan and Isolde, overture, Bohm, DG
4. Liszt: For the Grave of Richard Wagner, Jean-Luc Fafchamps, Sub Rosa
5. Schoenberg: String Quartet 2, last movement, New Vienna String Quartet / Evelyn Lear, Philips
6. Berg: 5 Orchestral Songs, Abbado / LSO / Price, DG
7. Stravinsky: Petrushka (last movement), Pollini, DG
8. Webern: 5 Pieces for String Quartet, La Salle Quartet, DG
9. Schoenberg: Pierrot Lunaire, Boulez / Ensemble Intercontemporain / Schafer, DG

Thanks for listening. In a future show we shall continue from where this show left off, looking at the development of serialism.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Early Atonality and Serialism

This Friday, July 7th, we shall look at the breakdown of tradional tonality and the move into atonality and the development of early serialism. Expect to hear some Schoenberg. We'll put a playlist up early next week.

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