Saturday, March 31, 2007


Here is the playlist for our episode on... random pieces of music, aired 23rd March 2007:

1. Lully: 'Symphonie', Te Deum, Paillard / Orchestre de Chambre Paillard, Apex
2. Xenakis: Phlegra, Tabachnik / Ensemble Intercontemporain, Apex
3. Hirai: Scenes from a Native Land, Hirai, Arts Fantasia
4. Dalapiccolla: Goethe Lieder, Hamilton / Lockhart / Blamey / Rawles, Delphian
5. Tony Allen: Ole (Moritz von Oswald mix), Honest Jons
6. Chopin: Polonaise Fantasie in A flat Major Op. 61, Horowitz, Andromeda
7. Messiaen: 'Amen de la Consommation, Ogdon / Lucas, Explore
8. Elvis Presley: Always on my Mind, LP
9. Mahler: Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen, Baker / Barbirolli / Halle Orchestra, EMI

Thanks for listening. Next week: Jazz and classical music, with guest Andy Wiersma. Tim will be absent which is fortunate as he hates jazz.

Monday, March 19, 2007


Here is the playlist for our show on guitar music, featuring live performances from special guest Amanda Cook:

1. Beethoven: Sonatina, Galfetti / Fasolis, Arts

2. Zorn: 'Etudes 18 - 20', The Book of Heads, Ribot, Tzadik

3. Gomez: Romance de Amor, Gomez, Doremi

4. Memphis Minnie: Me and my Chauffer Blues, Rough Guide

5. Rodrigo: Junto al Generalife, Amanda Cook (live)

6. Ellis Island

7. Verdery, Russell, Muskatweek Records

8. Satie: Sarabande III, Miolin, BIS

9. Webern: Three Songs for voice, clarinet and guitar, Lukomska / Williams / Bradley, Sony

10. Kurtag: Grabstein fur Stephan, de Rijke / Schoenberg Ensemble, Et'cetera

11. Fahey: Sligo River Blues, Fahey, Takoma

12. Berio: Sequenza XI for Guitar, Fisk, DG

13. Sakamoto: Opus, Sakamoto, Sony

Thanks for listening, and many thanks to Amanda Cook for joining us. Contact her at

Next week: A random smattering of new and exciting music. Stay tuned...

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Here is the playlist for our show on organ music broadcast March 9 2007:

1. Ligeti: Volumina, Zacher, DG

2. Saint Saens: Symphony 3, Matthes / Chung / Orchestre de l'Opera Bastille, DG

3. Bach: Fugue in G Minor 'Little', Fox, RCA

4. Schnittke: Peer Gynt, Petre / Klas / Royal Stockholm Opera Orchestra, BIS

5. Schaeffer: 'Half Submerged by Each', In the Last Hour, Room 40

6. Charmaine, Wurlitzer...

7. Beethoven: Pastorale Symphony, Toscanini / NBCSO, RCA

8. Nico: 'No One is There', The Marble Index, Elektra

9. Susanna and the Magic Orchestra: 'Fotheringay', Melody Mountain, Rune Gramofone

Thanks for listening. Next week, March 16, we will have guitarist Amanda Cook performing live in the studio, prior to her performance at the Wigmore Hall on Saturday March 17. We'll also be playing guitar music, and other things. Stay tuned!


Thank you all those who donated money to Resonance - we're in your debt! Here is the playlist for our charity special broadcast March 2nd 2007:
1. Keller: Six Fanfare for Six Trumpets - Andante, Eklund's Baroque Ensemble, BIS
2. Lord Kitchener: Love in the Cemetery, Trojan
3. Ravel: Piano Trio, Last Movement, LP
4. Louis Armstrong: High Society, Soundtrack LP
5. Loesser: 'Sit Down You're Rocking the Boat', Guys and Dolls, Stubby Kaye, Original Broadway Cast
6. Di Capua: O Sole Mio, Pavarotti, LP
7. Di Capua: O Sole Mio, Caruso, Hanssler
8. Rick Astley: Never Gonna Give You Up, RCA
9. Amy Wilson: Only One, CDR (
10. Patsy Montana: My Baby's Lullaby, ASV Living Era
11. Mozart: Symphony 40, Eide (whistle), BIS
12. Field: Nocturne XIII in D Minor, O'Conor, Telarc
13. Chopin: Nocturne Op. 55 No. 1, Arrau, Philips
14. Xerox Pig: The Tale of Cutlery Corrigan, CDR
15. Jancic: Summer Garden, CDR
16. Stevens: The Mouden Fanfares, Dallas Trumpets, Crystal Records
Again, many thanks for listening and support.