Monday, July 17, 2006

New Release Program

Here is the playlist for our program on new and recent releases, broadcast Friday, July 14th:

1. Coates: Sleepy Lagoon, Wordsworth / Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Warner Classics
2. Tchaikovsky: Adagio Molto for string quartet and harp, Shostakovich Quartet / Moskvitina, Regis
3. Gershwin: Rhapsody No. 2, Bank / Kakhidze / State Symphony Orchestra, Melodiya
4. Wolpe: Concerto for Nine Instruments, Herbers / Ensemble Recherche, Wergo
5. Byrd: Agnus Dei, Cantores Missae, CM
6. Jeck: Tilting, from the album Surf, Touch
7. Zolotajov: Contemplating the Dionysian Fresques of St. Theraponts monastery, Weulander, Map
8. Turnage: From the Wreckage, Hardenberger / Eotvos / Gothenberg SO, DG
9. Ravel: Tzigane (excerpt), Bismuth / Gaels, Zigzag
10. McAlmont and Butler: Speed, Rough Trade, 7" and download forthcoming

Thanks to all who tuned in. Next week, Friday July 21st, is my birthday, so at Tim's suggestion we'll be playing music composed, released, or somehow related to the year of my birth, 1975. Any assistance is most welcome. Please pardon the indulgence.

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