Monday, February 05, 2018

Dead and Alive - Mixcloud

Dead and Alive, while now permanently dead, has a mixcloud page, where I'll endeavour to post all the old shows for anyone who cares to listen. It's here:

So far I've uploaded, from 14 October 2005, our very first program, a rusty hour of stuttering amateur nervousness, featuring Berio, Puccini and D&A favourites Ives and Mazulis, among others. Plenty more to come, 3 years worth!

Here's episode #2 from 21 October 2005.

Friday, February 14, 2014

As Though The Shame Would Outlive Him

Due to the paucity of blogging inspiration all future activity will go to As Though The Shame Would Outlive Him, with Retro Futurism and Dead and Alive existing as archives. Facebook remains too, for what its worth.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Lynchian Psychodrama

Forthcoming radio broadcast on the music of, about and around David Lynch. Airing Thursday 14 February - Valentine's Day - 7-8pm in Max Headroom on Melbourne's 3 Triple R 102.7 FM. Here's the blurb:

Since the cavernous industrial noise of Eraserhead, music has occupied a prominent place in the work of David Lynch. Blue Velvet re-imagined Roy Orbison as an echo-drenched psycho-delic operatic crooner, Twin Peaks introduced the world to Julee Cruise and created an influential version of jazz noir, Inland Empire revealed the horrors lurking amidst the massed strings of Mantovani while Lynch himself has devoted increasingly more of his energies towards pop and rock production.

Featuring music from his TV and films, by influences and influenced, and from Lynch himself, Lynchian Psychodrama presents an hour of bipolar sonic merriment. Let's Rock!

This ought to set the mood:

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Retro Futurism: New Blog, New Show

Retro Futurism airs Fridays midnight - 2am on Melbourne's Triple R 102.7FM during November 2012.

Retro Futurism looks backward to look forward, celebrating musical modernists working on the edges of composition, improvisation, quantisation, from Schoenberg to Sun Ra, from Darmstadt to Detroit, from violin to VST, from yesterday to tomorrow...

From the harmonic revolutions of Vienna, the Impressionist mists of Paris, through the serial, aleatoric, stochastic, concrete, electro-acoustic and electronic experiments made throughout the twentieth and twenty first centuries.

Retro Futurism explores sonic adventurers in composition, performance and production, through improvisation, electronics and recording. From the minimalist jigs of the Appalachians, the stasis music of Bali, exotic visions of the easy listeners, the electricity of 1970s jazz, the fabricated worlds of the mixing console, through the neon discos of Chicago and Detroit.

Retro Futurism takes the view that all recorded music is always already old, always already retro. Retro Futurism is futurist music, regardless of heritage.

Monday, July 30, 2012


On Monday 4th July I sat in for Downpat for 'O-Tomorrow'. The playlist was an attempt to respond vaguely to his programming with more guitars than usual (Sun City Girls pictured). Thanks to the caller who phoned in to complain as soon as I started, much appreciated.

Thomas Brinkmann - Mexico
Charles Ives - Orchestral Set #2
Dick Justice - Cocaine info
Floyd Ming & His Pep Steppers - Indian War Whoop
Baby Dodds - Spooky Drums
Kronos Quartet - El Sinaloense
Memphis Tugband - Cocaine Habit Blues
Emeralds - Summerdata
Francis Poulenc - Honolulu
Caetano Veloso - Tropicalia
John Fahey - Hawaiian 2 Step
Martin Denny - Enchanted Isle
Sun City Girls - Ben's Radio
Sun Ra - Springtime Again
Erik Griswold - Wallpaper Music Part 1
Pierre Boulez - Repons 1
Toru Takemitsu - Ai
Conlon Nancarrow - Study #19
Wolfgang Voight - Schweres Wasser
Philip Glass - Two Pages (excerpt)
Oneohtrix Point Never - Radiation
Tropical Contact High - We Danced Forever
Michael Hurley - Long Journey
Porter Wagoner - Waldo the Weirdo
Tom Verlaine - Untitled Instrumental
Serge Gainsbourgh - Rock Around the Bunker
Joe Meek - Orbit Around the Moon
Yvone Archer - Ain't Nobody
Toro Y Moi - Faux Shadow
Games - Midi Drift
Pachanga Boys - Fiesta Forever

Friday, May 04, 2012

Max Headroom: Rytis Mazulis 3 May 2012

Rytis Mazulis was a firm favourite at Dead and Alive and it was pleasure to devote a whole program to his music. Link and playlist below:

Download: Rytis Mazulis, 3 May 2012

Rytis Mazulis: 'Twittering Machine', Twittering Machine (Megadisc Classics)
Conlon Nancarrow: 'Study 21', Player Piano Volume 3, (MDG)
Sarunas Nakas: 'Merz Machine', unreleased
Rytis Mazulis: 'Sans Pause', Form is Emptiness (Megadisc Classics)
Rytis Mazulis: 'Canon Solus', Cum Essum Parvulus (Megadisc Classics)
Rytis Mazulis: 'Talita Cumi', Talita Cumi (Music Export Lithuania)
Rytis Mazulis: 'Sybilla', Cum Essum Parvulus Megadisc Classics)
Rytis Mazulis: 'ajapajapam', Cum Essum Parvulus Megadisc Classics)
Rytis Mazulis: 'Ex Una Voce', Twittering Machine (Megadisc Classics)

Thanks for listening. Special thanks to Patrick at Megadisc Classics and Linas at Music Export Lithuania. The latter's website offers a great resource on Mazulis and other Lithuanian composers and musicians -

My next Max Headroom will hopefully be before too long, and look at dirt and deliberate obfuscation in contemporary music. Stay tuned...

Friday, January 27, 2012


Here is the playlist for the graveyard aired 27 January 2012:

Lawrence English (pictured) - April 4 And He Sleeps / Neil Young - Little Wing
Reinhold Friedl - La grimace du soleil
Mark Van Hoen - No Distance
Gloria Coates - Symphony No. 2 (excerpt)
Kane Iken - Contrail
Ben Frost - Through the Roof of Your Mouth
Peter Knight and Dung Nguyen - Autumn Music
Kraftwerk - Tanzmusic
Magic Touch - Clubhouse
Tornado Wallace - Some Kinda Man
Ital - Queens
Virgo Four - Look into your Eyes
Chris Abrahams - Jellycrown
DJ Solo - What Have You Done
DJ Rashad - Heaven Sent
Zomby - Tarantula
Traxman (pictured) - Brainwash
Untold - Mass Dreams of the Future
The Samps - Yellow Jacket
Legowelt - Can you feel the other side of ur Soul?
Tropical Contact High - Swing those hips
Sly & Robbie - Corners Boy
Alice Shields - Study for Voice and Tape
Oren Ambarchi - Suspension
Denis Garcia - Door to Dimension 4 (Inverto Remix)
Kassem Mosse - Enoha
Andy Hart - Devoted
Anja Schneider (pictured) - Hello Boy
Marvin Dash - Untitled (B2)
Adam Port - Weekend
Tornado Wallace - Be my Ladyboy
Dinky - This is Your Heart
Adonis - Do it Properly
Arrtu - Get off it
Willie Burns - Waste Your Time
Jared Wilson - Girl I'm Waiting
Bulent Arel - Postlude
Chugga: Theme For The Buck Rogers Light Rope Dance (500 Year Orbit Remix By Terre Thaemlitz)
Thomas Fehlmann - Soft Park (Move D remix)
Benjamin Brunn - My Heart
Kane Ikin - Sailing
Andrew Thomas - Above the World so High
Gentile or Jew - Petit Overture A Danser
Emeralds - Now You See Me
Kraftwerk - Computerwelt
Seaworthy - Map in Hand (reprise)
Benedict Moleta - Sparky's Loft
Clem Leek - At The Mercy of the Waves
The Caretaker - As If One Were Sinking Into Sand
Henry Gibson - Keep A-Goin'

Thanks for listening. Next up: 13 February. Rock on!