Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Here is the tracklist for last week's show on serialism:

1. (D and A Theme)Barry: 'Overture', The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant, Markson / RTE National Symphony Orchestra, RTE
2. Webern: Variations for Orchestra, Boulez / LSO, DG
3. Eisler: 'Andante', Five Orchestral Pieces, Zimmer / Deutsches SO Berlin, Capriccio
4. Messiaen: 'Mode de valeurs et d'intensities', Quatre etudes de rhythme, Hill, Regis
5. Schoenberg: 'Gigue', Piano Suite, Gould, CBS
6. Stravinsky: 'Gigue', Sextet, CBS
7. Berg: Violin Concerto, Kogan / Rozhdestvensky.
8. Boulez: Structures I for Two Pianos, Kontarsky Brothers, Mace Records LP
9. Wolpe: Passaglia, Op. 23, Kalitzke / WDR SO Koln, Mode
10. Babbitt: Swan Song No.1 (excerpt), Cygnus Ensemble, Bridge

Thanks to Matt Groom at RSK. Next week is our final show for 2006! We have no agenda, but we'll be hearing Majella Byrne singing Cage, David McAlmont singing something, and special guests. Get in touch if you have anything to say, and don't miss us Friday!

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Here is the tracklist for last week's show on multiple instruments:

1. (D and A Theme)Barry: 'Overture', The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant, Markson / RTE National Symphony Orchestra, RTE
2. Adson, arr. Nicholson: 'Courtly Masquerading Ayres', The Concertina Record, Lea Nicholson, Jamring
3. Messiaen: Oraison, Ensemble de Ondes de Montreal, Ellipsis Arts
4. Rolf Harris: Two Little Boys, Vocal Edit 92, BMG LP
5. Eastman: Evil Nigger, Eastman / Ferko / Kattas / Martin, New World
6. Praetorius: Dances, 1612 (CD donated)
7. Praetorius: Bouree, 1612 (CD donated)
8. 'La Mort de Roland', French Hunting Music, Musique de Chasse, MDG
9. Mr. Sandman, Buckingham Banjos, Decca
10. Ten Holt: Horizon (excerpts) de Haas / Abe / Oldenburg / Krill, Composers' Voice
11. Xenakis: Akrata, Tamayo / Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg, Timpani

Thanks for listening, and thanks Andy for the CD. This Friday September 22nd we'll be looking at serialism, continuing on from our previous show on atonality, so expect some jagged sounds alongside our usual instructive commentary and banter. The following week, September 29th, will be our final show for the year, so if you want shout-outs or requests be sure to tune-in!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Here is the playlist for the two-and-a-half-hour space marathon broadcast 08/09/06. Excuse the scanty track details, we'll get there:

1. (D and A Theme)Barry: 'Overture', The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant, Markson / RTE National Symphony Orchestra, RTE
2. Strauss: Also Sprach Zarathustra, Koussevitsky / Boston SO, Biddulph
3. Holst: 'Jupiter', The Planets, Rattle, Berlin PO, EMI
4. Derbyshire / Grainer et. al.: Doctor Who (original theme), BBC
5. Leunig: Fantasy in Space
6. Dvorak: 'O Sivler Moon', Rusalka, Popp / Munich Radio Orchestra, Arts
7. Etta James: By the Light of the Silvery Moon, LP
8. Borisov: Stars in the Sky, Osipov Russian Folk Orchestra, Olympia
9. The Moon is Shining (trad.), Andreyev, IMLCD
10. Cage: Atlas Ellipticalis
11. Diana Burrell:
12. Montagu: Beyond the Milky Way, Mead, NMC
13. Tavener:
14. Rouders: Shooting Stars
15. Fireball, TV soundtrack, 7"
16. Zero Gravity, TV soundtrack b-side 7"
17. Barry, Bitter Tears (reprise)
18. Turnage: Ceres, Rattle / Berlin PO, EMI
19. Holst, 'Uranus', ibid.
20. Weill: 'Lost in the Stars', Ulysses Africanus, Huston / Young, Membran
21. Julee Cruise: 'The World Spins', Floating into the Night, Warner
22. Badalamenti: 'Nostalgia', The Straight Story, Warner
23. Mozart: Symphony No. 41 'Jupiter', Minkowski / Les Musiciens du Louvre, Archiv
24. Subotnik: Silver Apples of the Moon
25. Vierk:
26. Vaughan-Williams: Toward the Unkown Region, Howarth / Ainsley / Allen / Corydon Orchestra, Hyperion 27. Michael Hurley: 'O' My Stars', Sweetkorn, Trikont
28. Rechenzentrum: 'IBM', The Peel Sessions, Mille Plateaux

Thanks for hanging in there listeners. This Friday, 15/09/06, we'll be playing music made on multiple instruments.

Saturday, September 09, 2006


Late notice but I must inform you all that tonight's show (8th September 2006) as part of Resonance FM's Space Art special at the Roundhouse will be broadcast from 8.00 - 10.00pm UK time. We'll be playing lots of music about ...space.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Here is the playlist for last Friday's program:

1. (D and A Theme)Barry: 'Overture', The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant, Markson / RTE National Symphony Orchestra, RTE
2. Golijov: 'Interludio de Balazos y Lamento por la Muerte de Frederico, Ainadamar, Upshaw / O'Connor / Spano / Atlanta SO, DG
3. Driftjuit: track 7.
4. Venturini: Concerto for 10 Instruments, Plantier / La Cetra, Zigzag Territories
5. Golijov: 'Quiero arrancarme los ojos', Ainadamar
6. Penderecki: Partita for Harpsichord, Blumental / Penderecki / Polish Radio SO, Brana
7. Martini: Plaisir d'amour, de los Angeles / de Burgos / Sinfonia of London, EMI
8. Weill: La Fiancee du Pirate, Dufresne / Nezet-Seguin, ATMA
9. Copland: Sonata for Violin and Piano, Allegretto giusto, Kitchen / Boriskin, Arabesque Recordings
10. Pan Sonic: Slovakian Rauta, Touch
11. Lucier: A Tribute to James Tenney, Part 4, Tieman, New World Records
12. Golijov: Desde mi Ventana, Ainadamar
13. Driftwood: track 6

Thanks for listening. This Friday, September 8th, we'll be participating in Resonance FM's 'Space Soon: Art and Human Spaceflight' special, with music concerned with... space. How we'll be contributing is yet to be decided, but you'll certianly hear from us, possibly live from the Roundhouse where activitied will be taking place, or possibly from the studio. Normal programming will re-commence September 15th, with a show on works for multiple instuments. Stay tuned...

Friday, September 01, 2006


Below is the playlist for last week's program on (or rather, mash-up of) music from The Netherlands. Apologies to regular listeners who were hoping to hear complete works but I hope you found something to enjoy there.

1. (D and A Theme)Barry: 'Overture', The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant, Markson / RTE National Symphony Orchestra, RTE
2. Frans Van Schaik: 'Ketelbinkie', Cafe Rotterdam, Intermusic
3. Clemens Non Papa: Si Mores Dissolvit, Cancion Francesca, Capilla Flamenca / La Caccia, Etcetera
4. Vermeulen: Cello Sonata No.1, 2nd movement, Bijlsma / de Leeuw, Composers' Voice LP
5. Wagemans: Muziek II, Sudwestfunk Orchestra / Bour, Donemus
6. de Leeuw: Music for Piano I, Krochmalska, Gaudeamus Foundation LP
7. Staalplaat 3"CD sampler, track 2
8. Loevendie: Six Turkish Tone Poems, Dorow / de Leeuw
9. Staalplaat, track 6
10. Schat: The Fall, Netherlands Chamber Choir / van dan Hombergh, Composers' Voice LP
11. Heppner: Nachklange, Netherlands Chamber Choir / Muller, Composers' Voice LP
12. Staalplaat, track 7
13. Kilima Hawaiians: 'Ola Bapa Dja', Cafe Rotterdam, Intermusic
14. Wagemans: Rosebud, Hague Philharmonic Choir / van Steen, Donemus
15. van Noordt: Psaume 119, Bailleux, Stil Discoteque LP
16. Andriessen: Worker's Union, Bang On A Can, Canteloupe
17. van Noordt: Psaume 24.
18. Staalplaat, track 4.
19. Ten-Holt: Lemniskaat, Dijkhuizen / Brink / van Groningen à Stuling / Wieringa, Composers' Voice
20. Beequeen: limited edition 3"
21. Jaap Blonk, Staalplaat 3" CD
23. de Vries: Areas (played backwards), Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra / Zinman, Composers' Voice
24. Kirkegaard: 'Church', Four Rooms, Touch

Apologies also to Driftwood, the folk duo I saw perform all over Vlieland and whose music I had hoped to play - we'll be playing them this Friday, September 1st, on a show focusing on new and recent releases. Hope you can tune in...