Monday, February 21, 2011


At 7pm on 3 March I'll be presenting a one-hour program for Triple R's Max Headroom show, examining the "classical" music of Wolfgang Voigt.

Here's what Triple-R say:
"The unlikely fusion of classical music and techno finds its most articulate exponent in Cologne-based producer and Kompakt Records founder Wolfgang Voigt. In productions stretching back more than twenty years Voigt has obsessively explored the 'boofta boofta boofta', or “deep soul of German techno”, aligning this with earlier pillars of German cultural history – Schoenberg, Wagner, oompah and Schlager.

"Tune in for an hour of these bizarre experiments, and hear music from some of Voigt’s most celebrated projects GAS, ALL and Freiland, along with some of his classical influences."

It ought to be a hoot. 102.7FM on your Melbourne dial or online at the link on the right.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


The graveyard of Thursday 10 February is now past, but here for posterity so get on it - 2 parts, 2 hours each, lots of very fine new (and some old) music:

Part 1
Part 2

Playlist here:
Karlheinz Stockhausen (pictured): Cosmic Pulses
Bernard Parmegiani: Natures Ephemeres
Otto Leunig: Moonflight
Weiss: Rezykla01
Ryoji Ikeda: 1111011111
Sturm: Untitled (4)
Electric Birds: Distance
Burial: Archangel
Cooly G (pictured): Weekend Fly
Kowton: Basic Music Knowledge
Actress: Lost
The Bug: Money Honey
Actress: Let’s Fly
Plastikman: Spastik
Quince: Sub 01
Jason Fine: Blue
Omar S: Plestesk Kosmodrome
Kyle Hall: After Fall
Gunnar Wendell (pictured): 578 (Omar S Rude Boy Warm Mix)
Lawrence: Sorry Sun
Lowtec: Meandyoudub
Prince of Denmark: 187666
Stimming: The Unicorn
RNDM: Hideaway (Dub)
Freund der Familie: Symbian (Christopher Rau Mix)
Rozzo: Azzuro
Bon and Rau: Cloverleaf Days
Kassem Mosse: Untitled Laid
Christopher Rau (pictured): Do Little
Soundstream: All Night
Fabrice Lig: Meet You In Brooklyn
Roman Fluegel: How To Spread Lies
Isolee: Thirteen Times an Hour
Brooks Mosher: CIP
Oracy: Family Day
Steffi: Kill Me
DJ Koze: I Cyaan Believe
Kassem Mosse: 2D
The Field: Silence
Akira Rabelais (pictured): Et Dans Tout Ce Qu'Il Boit Et Dans Tout Qu'Il Mange
Wolfgang Voigt: R├╝ckverzauberung 1
Dirk Leyers: Come To Where I Go
Jurgen Paape: Ein Schone Land
Rafael Anton Irasarri: Lumberton

Thanks for listening. I'll be back next month, stay tuned...