Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Here is the tracklist for last week's show on serialism:

1. (D and A Theme)Barry: 'Overture', The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant, Markson / RTE National Symphony Orchestra, RTE
2. Webern: Variations for Orchestra, Boulez / LSO, DG
3. Eisler: 'Andante', Five Orchestral Pieces, Zimmer / Deutsches SO Berlin, Capriccio
4. Messiaen: 'Mode de valeurs et d'intensities', Quatre etudes de rhythme, Hill, Regis
5. Schoenberg: 'Gigue', Piano Suite, Gould, CBS
6. Stravinsky: 'Gigue', Sextet, CBS
7. Berg: Violin Concerto, Kogan / Rozhdestvensky.
8. Boulez: Structures I for Two Pianos, Kontarsky Brothers, Mace Records LP
9. Wolpe: Passaglia, Op. 23, Kalitzke / WDR SO Koln, Mode
10. Babbitt: Swan Song No.1 (excerpt), Cygnus Ensemble, Bridge

Thanks to Matt Groom at RSK. Next week is our final show for 2006! We have no agenda, but we'll be hearing Majella Byrne singing Cage, David McAlmont singing something, and special guests. Get in touch if you have anything to say, and don't miss us Friday!

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