Monday, March 19, 2007


Here is the playlist for our show on guitar music, featuring live performances from special guest Amanda Cook:

1. Beethoven: Sonatina, Galfetti / Fasolis, Arts

2. Zorn: 'Etudes 18 - 20', The Book of Heads, Ribot, Tzadik

3. Gomez: Romance de Amor, Gomez, Doremi

4. Memphis Minnie: Me and my Chauffer Blues, Rough Guide

5. Rodrigo: Junto al Generalife, Amanda Cook (live)

6. Ellis Island

7. Verdery, Russell, Muskatweek Records

8. Satie: Sarabande III, Miolin, BIS

9. Webern: Three Songs for voice, clarinet and guitar, Lukomska / Williams / Bradley, Sony

10. Kurtag: Grabstein fur Stephan, de Rijke / Schoenberg Ensemble, Et'cetera

11. Fahey: Sligo River Blues, Fahey, Takoma

12. Berio: Sequenza XI for Guitar, Fisk, DG

13. Sakamoto: Opus, Sakamoto, Sony

Thanks for listening, and many thanks to Amanda Cook for joining us. Contact her at

Next week: A random smattering of new and exciting music. Stay tuned...

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