Thursday, July 05, 2007


Tim fears he lost the playlist for last Friday's program on war music, but he did play a baroque battle piece, 'Arcana' by Varese (pictured), Schnittke's 'Nagasaki', Penderecki's 'Threnody to the Victims of Hiroshima', Tchaikovsky's '1812', and Prokofiev's 6th piano sonata. Get in touch if you'd like to know more.

This Friday July 6 is our final show from Denmark Street. Lord knows we'll miss the place - the shabby cosiness, the decaying roof, the painfully narrow stairway, but most of all the charming squalor of next door's TPA bar. To celebrate we're playing music with bells on, literally. 90 minutes of bells. Tune in, and we'll be back live in August.

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Andy Martin said...

What are you doing updating your website at 4.15 in the morning? There's dedication. I assume the baroque piece was Battalia by Heinrich Biber? (I missed the early part of the show). If it wasn' should've been! The earliest example of polytonality, extended instrument technique, it's all there even before Charles Ives. I also missed the show that featured electronics combined with of my favourite genres, especially during the era of analogue sounds (Collages by R Gerhard is a supreme example). On the subject of War, perhaps the most accurate sonic depiction of a landscape after a holocaust I've yet heard is the final movement of Vaughan Williams 6th Symphony - even though the composer would no doubt be irritated at the allusion, and I do not normally associate my name with RVW, at least not in mixed company. Enough rambling! Still on the subject of war, I look forward to the sound clash between Black Friday and yourselves. U-J (our flute player) is a heavy metal fan and he always tunes in to the programme after what he calls 'that boring classical music show' (uncultured philistine) whereas I tend to turn the volume down...although I have to admit to being impressed when they played a 7" vinyl single by a band called Death Beak (I think) which featured death metal with vocals provided by a live parrot. It doesn't get any better than this! Andy.