Monday, December 06, 2010


Here is the tracklist for the program presented 6 December 2010 (it was APRA reporting time so I've included labels and cat nos for those interested):

1 Rytis Mazulis: Twittering Machine, Part 1 Megadisc Classics MDC7809 7.00
2 Michael Wallace: Marine Markers MEW MEW001 10.00

3 Luigi Nono (pictured): Liebeslied DG DG4292602 5.00
4 Ernst Krenek: 3 Lusty Marches for Brass Band Col Legno WWE 12CD 31899 7.00
5 Igor Stravinsky: Ragtime Decca 4738102 4.00
6 Arnold Schoenberg: March and Serenade, Opus 24 Col Legno WWE 12CD 31899 4.30
7 Erik Satie: Je Te Veux Sony B00000C28S 4.40

8 Toru Takemitsu (pictured): Ai RCA Victor VICS1334 4.00
9 Toru Takemitsu: Sama Soruja JVC VICG-5127 3.30
10 Toru Takemitsu: Otoshiana JVC VICG-5127 2.00
11 Dead and Alive: Live at Flea Pit, April 2008 No Label 8.10
12 Henryk Gorecki: Concerto for Harpsichord and Strings Chandos CHAN9590 4.10
13 Lawrence English: Circles of Twine Cronica CR50 4.10
14 Ben Frost: Killshot Bedroom Community HVALUR6 7.00
15 Sebo K And Prosumer: Moved Mobilee Mobilee007 7.00
16 Benjamin Brunn: My Heart IRR IRR006 6.00
17 Matthew Dear: Little People (Black City), Mark E Dub Ghostly International GI125 5.10
18 Floating Points: Vacuum Boogie Eglo EGL0002 5.40
19 Omar S: Columns FXHE AOS43216-RE1 6.10
20 Ibex: My Mojo Yore Yore026 5.40

21 Chris Cobilis (pictured): Some Sounds Disc Snap DS01 7.00
22 Kenny Larkin: Wake Me Planet E PLE 65303 5.50
23 The Field: Silence Kompakt CD57
24 The Field: Action Kompakt CD42
25 Robert Hood: Funky Souls Rush Hour RH-RH 1 5.00
26 Theo Parrish: Dan Ryan Sound Signature SSCD1 6.00
27 Jus Ed AM Mix FXHE FXHE-Comp#1 5.30
28 The Necks: White (excerpt) Fish of the Milk FOM004 10.00

29 Thomas Fehlmann (pictured): The Road Kompakt KOM146 4.50
30 The Rolling Stones: Tumbling Dice Virgin 7243-8-39524-2-7 3.30
31 The Band: We Can Talk Capitol 5253902 3.00
32 Bob Dylan: Stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again CBS CBS22130 7.00
33 Flying Burrito Brothers: Man in the Fog A&M 5407042 2.30
34 The Velvet Underground: Train Coming Round the Bend Atlantic 7567 903672 3.20
35 Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: Today's Lesson Mute 5.09995E+12 4.40
36 Disco Inferno: From the devil to the Deep Blue Sea Rough Trade DI1542 4.00
37 Foals: Tron Transgressive TRANS071CD 5.10
38 Can Vitamin C Spoon SpoonCD008 3.30
39 Tortoise: Monica Thrill Jockey THRILL089 6.30
40 Capital City: This Boat Won't Float Good Cop Bad Cop Records GCBC012 4.00
41 Oren Ambarchi: Corkscrew Touch TO61 9.50

42 Nick Cave and Warren Ellis (pictured): Proposition 1 Mute MUTE 9305-2 3.30
43 Andre Williams: Bacon Fat Kill The Dj Records TSKTCD001 3.30
44 ToM Waits: Gin Soaked Boy Island 4228424692 4.10
45 Merle Haggard: Wine takes Me Away Capitol 7243534452-5 3.20
46 Tex Williams: Old Dogs, Children & Watermelon Wine Delta CD6615 4.00
47 Porter Wagoner: Wino Omni Omni103 3.10
48 Rocky Bill Ford: Beer Drinking Blues Delta CD6615 2.20
49 Henry Gibson: One, I Love You MCA B00004SZVS 3.00

Thanks for listening. I've some mroe regularly timed programs coming up - filling in for Frank, 12pm Thursday December 30th and Thursday January 6th.

Keep on rockin'...


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Meggitt

Top sounds and a lovely, dulcet voice as well. Egad sir, you have it all!!! My cat Toby and I look forward with some anticipation to your next broadcast. I am currently writting a song about how long meetings make me want to go to sleep which i will send to you when it is complete. I would be most interested in whatever feedback you could give me on it -as being in the music game and all, you must have some real insights into that kind of thing and what i can do to really make it to the top. As my mum has told me on many occasions, with talent like mine the sky is truly the limit!!!

Paul M

Joshualine said...

Paul, I thought I had it all, but now I truly do - with support from fans like you one can truly reach the stars.

Bring me the song/poem/diatribe and I will read it on the air, and reach the millions it deserves. I'll make Toby a happy catty.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Meggitt

Here is my the song I wrote. I hope you like it.

Meet and Sleep

"I like to meet and sleep
I like to meet and sleep
Hey, Ho here we go
I like to meet and sleep

Sleepin to the break of dawn
My eyes all ripped and torn
The drone of voices in my dreams
And above the drone, I hear distant screams

I go to sleep in my chair
It's as though there's no one there
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.
I love to meet and sleep

Its the only sleep that counts
Waiting for the boss to pounce
and call me a useless P.O.S
It makes it better there's no doubt
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah,
I love to meet and sleep

Gotta meet and sleep
Gotta meet and sleep
Just gotta meet and sleep baby!"

Paul M

Joshualine said...

Mr McGee,

Many many thanks for your song "Meet and Sleep". I particularly like the last line, "Just gotta meet and sleep baby!" - that final "baby" really gels it all together.

If you can record it I can guarantee an airing on my next show, get the masses hooked, the units shifting, the money rolling in... My cut will be minimal.

Keep on rockin'!