Thursday, January 13, 2011


Here is the playlist for my second Frank show devoted to Summer Music. Thanks again to Hugo Spiceland and Donna Morabito for the opportunity, and for Haydn for joining me.

1 The Sun Rays I Live for the Sun (Best of Summer)
2 The Sandals Endless Summer (Best of Summer)
3 Frank Sinatra Summer Wind (My Way: The Best Of)
4 The Velvet Underground Who Loves the Sun (Loaded)
5 Roy Orbison Summer Song (Only the Lonely)
6 Ella Fitzgerald Too Darn Hot (Ella Fitzgerald Sings the Cole Porter Songbook)
7 Sly and the Family Stone Hot Fun in the Summertime (Stand)
8 Chris Rea On the Beach (On the Beach)
9 Seals & Croft Summer Breeze (Groovy Rock Caravan)
10 Toby Richardson King of All the Moves (King of All the Moves - single)
11 Beach Boys Lonely Sea (Surfing Safari)
12 Beach Boys (pictured) Don't Worry Baby (Beach Boys: The Best Of)
13 Beach Boys Wind Chimes (Smiley Smile)
14 Beach Boys Kokomo (Beach Boys: The Best Of)
15 Howie Morgan Summertime (unreleased)
16 John Fahey Summertime (Red Cross)
17 Don Henley Boys of Summer (Actual Miles: Henley's Greatest Hits)
18 Diamond Message Liquid Summer (Altered Zones)
19 Christopher Cross Ride Like the Wind (Christopher Cross)
20 Francis Poulenc Honolulu (Dada Music)
21 Barney Isaacs Malahini Mele (Music of Hawaii LP)
22 The Chantays Pipeline (Wipeout)
23 Sugarbelly Cousin Joe Part 1 (Studio One Scorchers 2)
24 Robert Mitchum Mamma Looka Boo Boo (Calypso is Like So)
25 Jonathan Uliel Sanha the Concealer (Calypso) (The Earth is a Floating Egg)
26 Os Mutantes Paris Et Circueses (Australian Tour Compilation)
27 Tom Waits Town With No Cheer (Swordfishtrombones)
28 Galaxie 500 Temperatures Rising (On Fire)
29 Red House Painters Summer Dress (Red House Painters)
30 The Models Barbados (Out of Mind Out of Sight)
31 Emeralds Summerdata (Does it Look Like I'm Here?)

Thanks for listening. Not sure when I'm next on, stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

Hi Josh

your theme work is exceptional. As well as songs about robots, I would like to hear more songs about batteries on your show. I went for a free tour of "Battery World" in Collingwood recently and was very impressed and inspired by the professional, knowledgeable and courteous shop crew. Some of the racy battery stories i was told by our host Gary during the tour were absolutely side-splitting - but a little bit too hot and catsaucy to repeat here. I think i might buy into the "Battery World" franchise and start up my own battery shop. Hence, i would appreciate some songs about batteries which i could play on cconstant rotation in my shop (during business hours only of course).

Paul M

Joshualine said...

Thanks for your support, and advice about batteries. I think - and Len and Gary - would agree with me that batteries are an underappreciated element in our lives. Few songs have been written about them, despite the debt all msuic listeners owe to the humble battery, now in this iPod obsessed world more than ever. Here's what I could find:

Jaga Jazzist - Low Battery
SnappleMan - Dead Batteries
Jethro Tull - Batteries Not Included

Gary Brolsma(?) also wrote a song called "AA Battery" - that lil' guy's surely the most widely used commercial battery on the market.

I'll keep my eyes and easr open for news of songs about batteries, in the meantime perhaps we might expect a poem / song from Mr mcGee about batteries, or better still Battery World?