Monday, February 21, 2011


At 7pm on 3 March I'll be presenting a one-hour program for Triple R's Max Headroom show, examining the "classical" music of Wolfgang Voigt.

Here's what Triple-R say:
"The unlikely fusion of classical music and techno finds its most articulate exponent in Cologne-based producer and Kompakt Records founder Wolfgang Voigt. In productions stretching back more than twenty years Voigt has obsessively explored the 'boofta boofta boofta', or “deep soul of German techno”, aligning this with earlier pillars of German cultural history – Schoenberg, Wagner, oompah and Schlager.

"Tune in for an hour of these bizarre experiments, and hear music from some of Voigt’s most celebrated projects GAS, ALL and Freiland, along with some of his classical influences."

It ought to be a hoot. 102.7FM on your Melbourne dial or online at the link on the right.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Josh

Loved your Wolfgang Voigt special. I think the next logical step for Wolfgang V is a more maintream musical collaboration with Katy Perry, Usher or perhaps Justin Bieber. Enough of this electic, navel-gazing, German electronica /experimental stuff. Let's step out of the German Sturm and Drang and hop into the limelight. I saw Justin Bieber in an episode of CSI last night. Boy, he can sure act. Extremely convincing as a troubled teen pyscopath. Is there anything he can't do?

Paul M