Friday, January 27, 2012


Here is the playlist for the graveyard aired 27 January 2012:

Lawrence English (pictured) - April 4 And He Sleeps / Neil Young - Little Wing
Reinhold Friedl - La grimace du soleil
Mark Van Hoen - No Distance
Gloria Coates - Symphony No. 2 (excerpt)
Kane Iken - Contrail
Ben Frost - Through the Roof of Your Mouth
Peter Knight and Dung Nguyen - Autumn Music
Kraftwerk - Tanzmusic
Magic Touch - Clubhouse
Tornado Wallace - Some Kinda Man
Ital - Queens
Virgo Four - Look into your Eyes
Chris Abrahams - Jellycrown
DJ Solo - What Have You Done
DJ Rashad - Heaven Sent
Zomby - Tarantula
Traxman (pictured) - Brainwash
Untold - Mass Dreams of the Future
The Samps - Yellow Jacket
Legowelt - Can you feel the other side of ur Soul?
Tropical Contact High - Swing those hips
Sly & Robbie - Corners Boy
Alice Shields - Study for Voice and Tape
Oren Ambarchi - Suspension
Denis Garcia - Door to Dimension 4 (Inverto Remix)
Kassem Mosse - Enoha
Andy Hart - Devoted
Anja Schneider (pictured) - Hello Boy
Marvin Dash - Untitled (B2)
Adam Port - Weekend
Tornado Wallace - Be my Ladyboy
Dinky - This is Your Heart
Adonis - Do it Properly
Arrtu - Get off it
Willie Burns - Waste Your Time
Jared Wilson - Girl I'm Waiting
Bulent Arel - Postlude
Chugga: Theme For The Buck Rogers Light Rope Dance (500 Year Orbit Remix By Terre Thaemlitz)
Thomas Fehlmann - Soft Park (Move D remix)
Benjamin Brunn - My Heart
Kane Ikin - Sailing
Andrew Thomas - Above the World so High
Gentile or Jew - Petit Overture A Danser
Emeralds - Now You See Me
Kraftwerk - Computerwelt
Seaworthy - Map in Hand (reprise)
Benedict Moleta - Sparky's Loft
Clem Leek - At The Mercy of the Waves
The Caretaker - As If One Were Sinking Into Sand
Henry Gibson - Keep A-Goin'

Thanks for listening. Next up: 13 February. Rock on!

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Raphael-Desmarets said...

Can you please post links of the playlist ? Thanks !