Thursday, September 13, 2012

Retro Futurism: New Blog, New Show

Retro Futurism airs Fridays midnight - 2am on Melbourne's Triple R 102.7FM during November 2012.

Retro Futurism looks backward to look forward, celebrating musical modernists working on the edges of composition, improvisation, quantisation, from Schoenberg to Sun Ra, from Darmstadt to Detroit, from violin to VST, from yesterday to tomorrow...

From the harmonic revolutions of Vienna, the Impressionist mists of Paris, through the serial, aleatoric, stochastic, concrete, electro-acoustic and electronic experiments made throughout the twentieth and twenty first centuries.

Retro Futurism explores sonic adventurers in composition, performance and production, through improvisation, electronics and recording. From the minimalist jigs of the Appalachians, the stasis music of Bali, exotic visions of the easy listeners, the electricity of 1970s jazz, the fabricated worlds of the mixing console, through the neon discos of Chicago and Detroit.

Retro Futurism takes the view that all recorded music is always already old, always already retro. Retro Futurism is futurist music, regardless of heritage.

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