Thursday, February 15, 2007


Here is the playlist for our 9/2/2007 show on music for and about babies and children:
1. (D and A Theme)Barry: 'Overture', The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant, Markson / RTE National Symphony Orchestra, RTE
2. Lithuanian Lullaby
3. Woody Guthrie: 'I Want my Milk and I Want it Now', Songs for Mother and Children, Smithsonian Folkways
4. Stravinsky: Three Little Songs
5. Mahler: Hansel and Gretel
6. Humperdink: Hansel and Gretel
7. Kurtag: 'Perpetuum Mobile (objet trouve)', Jatekok, Kurtag, ECM
8. Hashimoto: Mother's Song, Mera, Bis
9. Elizabeth Cotton: Shake Sugaree, Smithsonian Folkways
10. Tippett:
11. Mazulis: Talita Cumi, Lithuanian Music Information Centre
12. Mozart: Klavierstucke K1a, Tirimo, Regis
13. Mozart: Popp
14. Bizet: 'Impromptu: La Tupie', Jeux d'Enfants, Haitink / Concertgebouw, Philips
15. Webern: Kinderstuck,
16. Finnissy
17. Debussy: 'Golliwog's Cakewalk', Children's Corner Suite, Thibaudet, Philips
18. James Kelly Duhon: Heartbreaker (Childmaker), Trikont
19. Wolf-Ferarri:
Thanks for listening. Next week, 16/2, we'll be playing a selection from the mammoth Schoenberg Ensemble Box set.
Lastly - don't forget the Resonance fund raising drive. We'll play whatever piece of music you fancy, and say whatever you'd like us to, for a donation to the station. Our survival depends upon it. Be generous.

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Paul said...

I didn't hear your Baby music programme but heard your show on the 16th of feb and totally loved the penultimate tune and did not get the name of it and am waiting with anticipation the update of your track listings.