Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Here is the playlist for our show on female compoers broadcast 23 February 2007:

1. Jancic: Brass Quintet, CDR
2. Hildegard von Bingen: Columbia aspexit, Kirkby / Gothic Voices, Hyperion
3. Oram: 'Four Aspects', Oramics, Paradigm
4. Oram: Tumblewash, ibid
5. Mahler: Licht in der Nacht, Hogman / Pontinen, BIS
6. Loretta Lynn: 'One's on the Way', The Best Of Loretta Lynn, Spectrum
7. Strozzi: Serenata, Lagrime mie, Ensemble Poiesis, Aeon
8. Seeger: Music for Small Orchestra, Schoenberg Ensemble / De Leeuw, Etcetera
9. Coates: 'Aurora Borealis', Symphony 2, Stuttgart PO / Dieter
10. Beach: Piano Quintet, 2nd Movement, Endymion Quintet, ASV
11. Anderson: New York Social Life, Anderson / Johnson, New World
12. Benary: 'Amtrak', Aural Shoehorning, Downtown Ensemble and Gamelan Son of Lion, New World
13. Susanna and the Magic Orchestra: 'Believer', List of Lights and Buoys, Rune Gramofone
Thank you for listening. This Friday, 2 March, we're honouring pledges to the Resonance cause and playing music requested by listeners who have donated money. So, if you haven't already, go to and give some money, then let us know what you'd like us to play and tune in next week to hear it. Simple!

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