Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Here is the play list for our programme broadcast 2 November on the numbered sets of the second Viennese School and associates (Alban Berg pictured):

1. Krenek: 3 Lusty Pieces for Brass Orchestra
2. Schoenberg: 5 Pieces for Orchestra
3. Wolpe: 3 Little Canons
4. Stravinsky: 3 Pieces for Solo Clarinet
5. Berg: 3 Pieces for Orchestra
6. Berio: 2 Pieces for Violin and Piano
7. Webern: 4 Pieces for Violin and Piano
8. Webern: 6 Pieces for Orchestra

Thanks for listening, or rather persisting. We suffered from various technical problems, mostly Tim misfiling CDs, for which we apologise. Musically we were very excited by the program and are sorry it didn’t proceed as smoothly as hoped.

Next Friday, 9 November, we’ll be playing trios, in all their glory. Stay tuned…

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