Friday, November 30, 2007


Here is the playlist for our program broadcast 16 November 2008, featuring special guest Daniel Miller of Mute Records:

1. Offenbach: La Gaite Parisienne, overture

2. Cage: Williams Mix

3. Beethoven: Piano Sonata Op. 49, No. 2

4. Bergeijk: D.E.S.

5. V/VM: Shostakovich - The Final Symphony, final movement

6. Can: Mushroom

7. Room 40: Airport Symphony

8. Cave and MacGowan: What a Wonderful World

9. Micronauts: Bleep to Bleep

10. Lutoslawski: Livre PourOrchestre, opening fragment

11. Oram: Washing Machine ad

12. Haswell and Hecker: Blackest Ever Black, part 3

Thanks Daniel for joining us, and humouring our 'invisible jukebox' questions. Tim and I are off to Huddersfield to hear Rytis Mazulis, and we won't be back in the studio until December 7, where we'll be presenting a program on music from Huddersfield festival. Next week our dear friend and Les Sept Mondes producer Max Benezeth will be stepping into the presenter's chair to deliver our program, many thanks.


Unknown said...

Is it possible to hear the program broadcasted on 16 November 2008 with Daniel Miller again ? Is there a podcast available ?

Greetings from France

Joshualine said...

We will endeavour to repeat this program, or make it available to you. Please email me on and I'll let you know.