Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Here is the playlist for our programme of 16 May (Ekkehard Ehlers pictured above):

1. Jerry Herman: Hello Dolly, Buckingham Banjos version
2. Bartok: Rhythme Bulgare
3. Bartok: Rhythme Bulgare, Akira Rabelais remix
4. Satie: Le Fils des √Čtoiles, Takemitsu transcription
5. Schleiermacher: Five Pieces for Player Piano
6. Schoenberg / Ehlers / Rabelais: Verklate Nacht, Dead and Alive version
7. Gershwin: Songs from Porgy & Bess, arr. Heinz Czadek
8. Ryan / Mathias: Cortical Songs, G. Prokofiev remix
9. G. Prokofiev: String Quartet 2, second movement
10. G. Prokofiev: String Quartet 2, second movement, remix
11. Stockhausen: Klavierstucke VIII
12. Stockhausen: Klavierstucke VIII, Christopher Fox version
13. Strauss: Treasure Waltz, Webern transcription
14. Barber: Adagio for Strings, William Orbit version

Thanks for listening. This Friday, 23 May, we’re celebrating Rome’s Dissonanze Festival by playing music by Italian composers. We’ll also be airing an exclusive interview with Charlemagne Palestine from the festival. Stay tuned…

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