Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Here is the playlist for the program aired Tuesday 31 August:

Rytis Mazulis: Twittering Machine, Part 1
Wolfgang Voigt: Kammer
Anton Webern: 5 Movements for String Quartet, Op. 5

Hermann Nitsch (pictured): Symphony No. 9, first movement
Alfred Schnittke: Waltz
Andre Hodeir: Jazz et Jazz
Pierre Schaeffer: Symphonie Pour Une Homme Seul
Roman Haubenstcok-Ramati: L’Amen De Verre
Karlheinz Stockhausen: Studie II

Arne Nordheim (pictured): Clear
Alexander Subotnik: Silver Apples (excerpt)
Yannis Kyriakides: U
Matt Rosner: Departure
Wolfgang Voigt: Schweres Wasser
Conlon Nancarrow: Study 19
Wolfgang Voigt: Zimmer

Conlon Nancarrow (pictured): Study 25
Wolfgang Voigt: Brucke
NSI: 22
Wolfgang Voigt: Geduld (DJ Koze remix)
Thomas Brinkmann: Mexico
0: Twin Bleeps
Kassem Mosse: Workshop 8
Donato Dozzy: Disco Infecta
IMPS: Almost Live But Definetly Plugged (Move D Remix)
Carsten Jost: Days Gone By

Virgo (pictured): School Hall
Zev: Feeling
Efdemin: Night Train
My My: Southbound
Radoslave: Koma Koma
Deadbeat: Evaporate
Rick Wade: Ricky's Groove
Blaze: Paradise
Prosumer: Brownstone
The Caretaker: False Memory Syndrome
Tropical Contact High: We Danced Forever
Chris Isaak: Baby Baby
California Children's Chorus: You've Got To Have A Dream

Thanks for listening, especially those in Britain. The next Graveyard Shift will be 11 September 2010. In response to the auspicious date I'll be playing music from the United States of America. Requests welcome.

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