Friday, March 25, 2011


Here are links to downloading the March Graveyard, four hours, two a piece (320):

Part 1
Part 2

And here's the tracklist:
Sun Ra (pictured): Nuclear War
Oskar Sala: Trautonium Improvisation 1
Oskar Sala: Trautonium Improvisation 2
Herbie Hancock: Sun Touch
Miles Davis: Ne Um Talvez
Supersilent: 8.8
Shuggie Otis: XL 30
Otto Leunig & Vladmir Ussachevsky: Klangstudie II
Cindytalk (pictured): Guts of London
Jorg Burger: Wunschmaschine
Urban Tribe: B4
Mark Fell: Multistability 9
Rhauder & Paul St Hilaire: No News (dub)
Love Joys: Stranger
Cooly G: Love (dub)
Cluster and Eno: Untitled 1
Jennifer Lara (pictured): I'm in Love
Madteo: Workshop 11
Blood Sisters: Ring My Bell
Moritz von Oswald: Cocoon Dark Dub
Christopher Rau: The Cool World
Lawrence: Old Joy
Kassem Mosse: Workshop 12 A1
DJ Koze: Sbooty
EMG: Up the Magic Train
Soul Clap (pictured): Lonely
Levon Vincent: Double Jointed Sex Freak 1
Tyrez: Technical Love
Steffi: 24 Hours
Oneohtrix Point Never: Format and Journey North
Iron Curtis: Perception
Aaron Carl: Millions of Moments
Prosumer: Turn Around
Steffi: Yours
Cassy: Set Them Free
Stimming: For My Girl
Omar S: Here's Your Trance, Now Dance!
Patrice Scott: Analog Dreams
Portable (pictured): Inside Your Mind
Jakob Korn: Mirrorflip
Jurben Paape: Come Into My Life
Emeralds: Access Granted
Roman Fluegel: Pianopiano
Nicolas Jaar: Love you Gotta Lose Again
Johnny Ace: Cross My Heart
John Roberts: Went
World Standard: Van Dyke Parks
Paul Hindemith (pictured below): Studies for 3 Trautoniums

Thanks for listening, especially you callers, I appreciate it. I'll update this with a recording to download in the next few days. I'll be having a radio break for a few months but will be back later in the year. In the meantime check my other blog As though The Shame Would Outlive Him.

Rock on!


Anonymous said...


Your talents are clearly wasted on the graveyard shift. When oh when will 3rrr realise and appreciate your aweseome musical taste and knowledge and put you on a shift for daywalkers. Your time will come, i just know it. Recognise!


Joshualine said...

Oh McGeep, if only I could recognise!

I recognise myself once in a while in reflection, whilst grooming, but otherwise, like it all, a mystery.

Perhaps mystery is to be embraced. Let's all be Mystery Men! Instead of the Misery Men we've been thus far!