Friday, March 25, 2011


Here are links to downloading the March Graveyard, four hours, two a piece (320):

Part 1
Part 2

And here's the tracklist:
Sun Ra (pictured): Nuclear War
Oskar Sala: Trautonium Improvisation 1
Oskar Sala: Trautonium Improvisation 2
Herbie Hancock: Sun Touch
Miles Davis: Ne Um Talvez
Supersilent: 8.8
Shuggie Otis: XL 30
Otto Leunig & Vladmir Ussachevsky: Klangstudie II
Cindytalk (pictured): Guts of London
Jorg Burger: Wunschmaschine
Urban Tribe: B4
Mark Fell: Multistability 9
Rhauder & Paul St Hilaire: No News (dub)
Love Joys: Stranger
Cooly G: Love (dub)
Cluster and Eno: Untitled 1
Jennifer Lara (pictured): I'm in Love
Madteo: Workshop 11
Blood Sisters: Ring My Bell
Moritz von Oswald: Cocoon Dark Dub
Christopher Rau: The Cool World
Lawrence: Old Joy
Kassem Mosse: Workshop 12 A1
DJ Koze: Sbooty
EMG: Up the Magic Train
Soul Clap (pictured): Lonely
Levon Vincent: Double Jointed Sex Freak 1
Tyrez: Technical Love
Steffi: 24 Hours
Oneohtrix Point Never: Format and Journey North
Iron Curtis: Perception
Aaron Carl: Millions of Moments
Prosumer: Turn Around
Steffi: Yours
Cassy: Set Them Free
Stimming: For My Girl
Omar S: Here's Your Trance, Now Dance!
Patrice Scott: Analog Dreams
Portable (pictured): Inside Your Mind
Jakob Korn: Mirrorflip
Jurben Paape: Come Into My Life
Emeralds: Access Granted
Roman Fluegel: Pianopiano
Nicolas Jaar: Love you Gotta Lose Again
Johnny Ace: Cross My Heart
John Roberts: Went
World Standard: Van Dyke Parks
Paul Hindemith (pictured below): Studies for 3 Trautoniums

Thanks for listening, especially you callers, I appreciate it. I'll update this with a recording to download in the next few days. I'll be having a radio break for a few months but will be back later in the year. In the meantime check my other blog As though The Shame Would Outlive Him.

Rock on!


the_real_mcgeep said...


Your talents are clearly wasted on the graveyard shift. When oh when will 3rrr realise and appreciate your aweseome musical taste and knowledge and put you on a shift for daywalkers. Your time will come, i just know it. Recognise!


Joshualine said...

Oh McGeep, if only I could recognise!

I recognise myself once in a while in reflection, whilst grooming, but otherwise, like it all, a mystery.

Perhaps mystery is to be embraced. Let's all be Mystery Men! Instead of the Misery Men we've been thus far!