Friday, June 27, 2008


Hey listeners,

Wednesday 2 July Dead and Alive play their farewell concert at Gabriel Prokofiev’s nonclassical club night, from 8pm at the Macbeth, 70 Hoxton Street N1 6LP (pictured above). Tim and I will be spinning the sort of noisy contemporary music we do for Resonance FM for most of the evening, supporting live performances by the Raven Quartet who’ll be reworking film scores. Time Out calls it one of the nights of the week and says the following:

“Time Out’s official favourite classically inclined club night returns to the Macbeth with yet another line-up that is radically different from the last. Tonight’s show is a mix of extremes which is sure to stimulate debate, and possibly violence, among its ever-multiplying and increasingly notable clientele. First up is a brand new outfit on the scene, The Raven Quartet, whose set is based around reworkings of modern film scores. Their source material includes work from the likes of Jon Brion, Brian Eno and Clint ‘I was in Pop Will Eat Itself’ Mansell. While the Raven players have been regulars at the club as punters, this is the first time they’ve performed there, so don’t blame us if it’s not hardcore classical enough for you. At the other end of the earth, it is with heavy heart and relieved ears that we report Resonance FM DJs Dead And Alive will be making their farewell Nonclassical appearance tonight. As usual, they’ll be playing a selection of contemporary compositional sounds alongside some live improv/remixing – a combination that’s as punishing yet rewarding as training with the Foreign Legion.”

It promises to be a night to remember, or for Tim and myself, probably to forget…

See you there!

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