Friday, June 06, 2008


Here is the playlist for our programme of Friday 30 March, featuring special guests Michael Nyman and Juice Ensemble:

1. Mozart: Queen of Night
2. Orff: Dulcissime
3. Dezurik Sisters: I Left her Standing There
4. Glass: ‘Knee Play’, Einstein on the Beach
5. Kerry Andrew: ojo (performed live by juice)
6. Nyman: 'E Saria Pur Una Coglioneria', from Eight Lust Songs
7. Nyman: 'Dammi La Lingua', from Eight Lust Songs
8. Monk: Panda Chat II, (from Do You Be
9. Alacie Tullaugaq/Lucy Amarualik: Piararmit Inaquitik
10. Diamanda Galas: Vena Cava
11. Mazulis: Cum Essem Parvulus
12. Feldman: excerpt from Three Voices (performed live by juice)
13. Tormis: Aboriginal Song
14. Central African Pygmies: Honey-Gathering Song
15. Tellu: Tuulet (The Winds)
16. James Lindsay: sanbiki no kashikoi saru (performed live by juice)
17. Nyman: MGV, last movement

Thanks to Michael Nyman for his racy new work and Anna Snow, Sarah Dacey and Kerry Andrew for their superb performances. Next week: The Clarinet. Stay tuned…

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